To Our Valued Customers,

We hope this finds you all well. As some of you already know, we are getting out of Twin Oak Meats after being in business for 25 years. It has been a very hard decision but one that had to be made.

Whether you are a fairly new customer or have been one since we opened our business, we want to thank you for your business and support these last 25 years. We couldn't have done it without you! We also built many new friendships, and you will be missed!

We will have home delivery through Easter or a little later, and will have some product available through June, depending how it goes. You can email or call us (phone numbers at end of this email) and let us know if there is anything you are interested in before then. If there is availability through summer, it can be picked up at our store.

We thought we would send a few pictures of our family and how it has grown over these 25 years!

We now have 2 married daughters and are going to be grandparents in September! Where does the time go?

Again, we want to thank you for your business these last 25 years. It has been much appreciated! If you have any questions, please reach out!

Tom & Amy Ifft
Twin Oak Meats
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Amy 815-848-4397815-848-4397
We manage the genetics, the feed, the growing environment - every aspect needed to ensure that every one of OUR products will surpass every one of YOUR expectations.
Did someone say MMMMMMM...?

Our Standards

Our Hogs
We raise all the pork we sell, ensuring consistent quality from start to finish. We raise Duroc-Yorkshire crossbred hogs which yield a pork product with excellent taste and quality. We raise our hogs in outside lots and fed them a corn/soybean meal ration. No animal by-products are used in our feeds, and no growth hormones or steroids are used in the production and growing of our pork.

Our delivery area covers McLean and Livingston counties with service to Bloomington-Normal 4-5 days a week. Our refrigerated truck keeps your order completely frozen all the way to your door.


We are Tom and Amy Ifft, owners of Twin Oak Meats, producing and delivering high-quality, growth-hormone-free pork since 1999.

We look forward to serving you!