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Fresh frozen pork available here at our Retail Center!

Because at Twin Oak Meats we produce our own pork, controlling everything from genetics to feeding to growing environment, we are able to ensure that every cut of our pork products will surpass your expectations.

Our barn and twin oaks In keeping with highest standards, Twin Oaks Meats assures that:
  • No growth hormones are used.
  • Pigs are fed no animal by-products.
  • Very lean meat is produced.
  • Pigs yield an excellent meat quality.
  • All meat products are fresh frozen.
  • All products are USDA inspected.

We start by raising all of the pork that we sell, so that we have control from start to finish. We raise a Duroc-Yorkshire crossbred hog which yields a very lean pork product with excellent taste and quality. Our hogs are raised in outside lots and are fed a corn/soybean meal ration. No animal by-products are used in our feeds, and no growth hormones or steroids are used in the production and growing of our pork.

Our Hogs (title)
Duroc Boar
Purebred Duroc Boar
Purebred Yorkshire Gilt
Purebred Yorkshire Gilt

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We accept Mastercard and Visa
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